Forgotten Illinois 200

When Archaeology Meets History

Archaeology Discoveries at the 19th Century Hallock-Shearer Farmstead in Wabash County, IL

The Wabash County Museum was created by referendum of the voters in 1991 and is the only museum in the county. With this exhibit we hope to educate and enrich their lives as they realize how much pioneers struggled to make a living and how much potential is present in each person.

The project is to complete research for an exhibit using the archaeological excavations at the Hallock-Shearer farmstead so an exhibit can be completed later. We will be partnering with American Resources Group on the project which will include an exhibit of 289 square feet on 5-7 themes and an outdoor exhibit. The artifacts for the exhibit were obtained from a recent archaeological excavation before the site was destroyed by a surface mine. The exhibit will be presented so it teaches economics and marketing of the 19th century and how the farm fit into the political and economic times. This unique farm produced many products, took advantage of the latest innovations and changed crops as the need arose to make a living for the family. If this exhibit is not built at this museum it will truly be a part of Forgotten Illinois. Without financial assistance to research and build this exhibit in Wabash County the artifacts from the excavation will go to the state museum where they may not be exhibited for many years and would not be seen by local people who know the site, the family and the significance to the area. This story needs to be told in its own backyard. Local people will be impressed and inspired that these artifacts were saved from destruction and to see the story that they tell.

Historic Images